About Mogumber Park

Mogumber Park evolved from a desire to combine the skills of Fiona Lacey, an experienced equine stud veterinarian, with the passion and pedigree knowledge of Colin Brown, to produce a commercial enterprise that would quickly gain a reputation for producing a diverse draft of quality yearlings.

In June 2006 Colin and Fiona purchased 50 acres of weeds in Bullsbrook. In a short but hectic few years they have turned it into a picturesque but practical working horse property. The property is also home to Olive Grove Equine Clinic, meaning that veterinary care is always on hand.

Colin spent his younger years as a keen racing fan and now takes responsibility for matings and pedigree selection. Fiona, an equine veterinarian, looks after the technical aspects and supervises all feeding, treatment and education regimes. Having also come from a racing background she knows the importance of young horses entering training with a good attitude to work, people and their feed bin. All the yearlings are hand exercised and have had bridles and rollers used in their education.

So, from the day of conception to the fall of the hammer, Mogumber Park’s yearlings have had the best of everything – nutritionally balanced feed for growth and bone strength, monthly farrier work to ensure correct conformation and strong feet and a thorough education making the breakers job an easy one.


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